SliceCraft: PSD to front-end code for Rails

We build PSD to modular and search engine friendly front-end code for Rails

SliceCraft is a service provided by Roy Tomeij

Our track record & portfolio

Here's why you can feel confident working with us

We're recognized professionals in our industry. Our front-end architect Roy Tomeij has explained Sass, Compass and modular & reusable front-end architecture to thousands of people. You may have seen him speak at these conferences:

For Fronteers, at Rocky Mountain Ruby, in-house at various companies and at the Sass Workshop, Roy has given 4 and 8-hour long workshops on advanced Sass & Compass.

A book on modular and reusable front-end code is currently in the making. The approach described is the same we use for all our projects.

Here's why we can't show you our code just yet

Often potential clients are interested in seeing some of our work. However, at this moment we don't have a public portfolio. There are two reasons for this:

1. We treat all work we do as fully confidential. A lot of our clients are working on applications that haven't been made publicly available yet. Others utilize our services because they don't have enough capacity in-house, with their clients not knowing about our involvement.

2. We can't control the final product. After we deliver our code, clients start implementing it themselves and make adjustments where needed. When an app is done it hardly ever uses our exact, unmodified code. Some of their changes won't be up to our standards, which would give the wrong impression about our work.

We're currently asking our clients for permission to publish their projects, and gathering testimonials. Most of our clients had at least two projects developed by us, with some of them around ten. They recognize our value and we love proving our worth to them.

Not convinced yet?

Tell us what you need to know in order to entrust us with your business. Just contact us and we'll try to make things work.